Battle Sheep

Battle Sheep is a 2010 board game developed by F Rotta.


Battle Sheep is a game for two to four players. It is played on a hexagonal grid representing a pasture.

The board is made up by connecting four parts of the grid at a random configuration. The board must remain connected but may contain holes. Each player receives sixteen sheep of a specific colour and places them all, in a stack, on any free hexagon at the edge of the board.

On a player’s turn, he/she takes as many sheep from a stack of his/her colour as he/she wishes, provided that at least one sheep stays in place, and moves them in any direction as far as they can go, until they hit the edge of the board or other sheep. This causes the stacks to divide and the sheep to take up more space on the pasture. The play then proceeds cycling through the players.

If a player can’t move any of his/her sheep, he/she is out of the game. The game ends when no player can move any more. The player whose sheep take up the most space on the board wins.

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